Freedom at work, Unmatched Leadership, Guidance & the opportunity to grow at a rapid pace. We provide our Employees challenging, interesting & motivating assignments which bring a sense of professional fulfillment. The company encourages entrepreneurial skills, thus enabling and empowering employees to take challenges & appropriate risks. Employee participation is encouraged by inviting suggestions & opinions.

Policies & Practices

We have an employee friendly HR policy , which gives due attention to the professional growth and Personality Development of the employee in the organization.

We encourage employees to take charge of their career, and lay great emphasis on pursuing long term goals to retain good talent in the organization.

Investing in our Employees

We offer our employees many opportunities to enhance their learning’s while contributing to the Organization. Believing in the concept of Competency Development of every member of Kahuna, we make sure that we continuously encourage and facilitate the technical skill up gradation of our employees.

Interleaving Fun with Work

There is a whole lot that Kahunaites do beyond their job. We engage in activities with great enthusiasm, free spirit, and a commitment to human values. Work is continuous fun at Kahuna , with Learning’s and several extracurricular activities like Friday Fun, Team Outings, Sports, Birthday Celebration and much more.

All of these have played a significant role in creating a great team at work. Active , unhindered participation brings us closer to each other, making work fun and meaningful.

Rewards & Recognition

Kahuna Systems values all their employees and the hard work and effort that they put forth. To honor and recognize those who perform exceptionally, follow policies, and deserve special recognition for various reasons, the company organizes the honor events periodically.

Kahuna promotes following recognition currently

  • Recognize Your Peer For Work: “Feather in Cap Award”.
  • Recognize Your Employee For Work: “Bravo Award”.
  • Recognize the Team For Work: “Trail Blazers Award”.
  • Recognize Your Employee for Discipline: “The Kahuknight “.

The employees are honored in the Yearly Achiever Award Ceremony of Kahuna Systems– which is known as Vision Excelsior, held in month of January every year.