DevCoM - Mobility As Value Addition:

DevCoM – Device Mobility Communications a framework that provides platform to bring mobility interface for devices. The framework enhances user experience, by enabling smart interactions with devices through mobility and helps control, monitor, manage and use these devices using mobile technologies. Moreover, it also helps OEMs to bring apps for the products quickly.


Mobility - Key Feature to Next Generation Products and Services

Many legacy and capital intensive devices are deployed with limited or no mobility. OEM is also challenged to keep the device functionality updated with rapidly changing user needs. In order to be technologically relevant in today


  • Improving productivity by reducing device downtime through remote trouble shooting which increases the probability of first-time-right
  • Avoiding technology obsolescence by bringing mobility to legacy devices thus reducing the capital expenditure and liability. In addition data analytics creates an edge for future product enhancementsBy bringing mobility to devices it makes them more accessible and convenient for users, even on the go thereby helping users experience the benefits without compromising their lifestyle


  • Enables connectivity to a single or small cluster of devices typically ranging from capital intensive equipment to critical personal care devices
  • Enables communication between OEM